The economy of Republic of Moldova is characterized, among other things, by the lack of skilled labor. This refers specifically to the construction sector, since, due to the lack of jobs, many workers find one abroad. In the political strategy of the Republic of Moldova, construction of roads is a priority, and the lack of specialized staff is felt in particular.
The "Training and preparation center in construction" is a pilot project carrying dual training in construction. It presupposes the existence of dual training mentors within the companies.
The mediators are responsible of the implication of the economy in the creation of the training centers and professional preparation and will provide a practical training for the beneficiaries in the project after its completion.
A core activity during the project "Training and preparation center in construction" is preparing the mentors. The training course took place from 24 November 2014 until 29 November 2014. The handing of the international certificates took place on 15 April 2015 with the participation of Mr. Pavel Caba, president of CONDRUMAT, Valeriu Pelivan, Director of the Construction College in Chisinau and Oleg Mirleanu, Vice-Director of SINDICONS.